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January 16, 2011

Since I was unemployed and had too much time to waste during the semester break, I've decided to make felt animals for some of my UiTM buddies. I considered them as belated birthday presents and as thank you gifts (Kiwa The Cheapskate will always be a cheapskate). Really, they've done so much for me and they made my life at campus bearable.

So after taking notes of which animals they like best (some I already know by pure observation, and some I had to text for info), I started to sew, sew, sew and after like 4 days or so, they're all done!

 Elmo for Zuryn
Although many said that this is a cow, it is actually a giraffe for Naziera.
Kiwa haz fail *facepalm*
 Hamster for Mira.
 Deformed rabbit for Dodol
 Cat A for Fique
 Monkey for Fatin
 Cat B for Emira
 Frog for Milly
And Cat C for Intan!
Oh incase you're wondering, they're all brooches. I sow a safety pin at the back.

The sowing was sloppy as always and some of the colours didn't even go well together but I tried to make them as nice as I could. And as Jiah once said to me:
the imperfections are the perfections
But still, I got scared. What if they hate it? What if they thought I was being real stingy to buy real presents? What if they're all smile but they'll throw them away once I'm not looking? Scary thoughts but I continued on with the wrappings.

Well instead of wrappers, I pasted them on colourful cards instead. I convinced myself it was for saving the papers because I know most people don't appreciate wrapping papers after opening them but actually it was mostly because I was lazy *slaps self* B-b-but it the thoughts that count, kan

So after all were done, I kept them in a paper bag and waited early to give them to their new owners. And when the time came, I handed it to them one by one and they all liked it! So whew, mission accomplished! 

Guys, thanks for everything you've done for me.


This is a delayed post. I actually gave it to them days ago but I was too lazy to edit the pictures.
I hope to make more and give it to my other friends, but semester has started so I guess it'll has to wait!

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