Ten And Eleven

January 14, 2011

Yes I am home, again.

My co-pilot for the two hours drive home was Milly. We had our 'losers' moment when we both realised that we actually don't know how to pump (fill?) air inside the tyres. We somehow managed to make the tyre flat instead, FOL. 

I'm stereotyping my own gender wtf.

Luckily a good samaritan saw us struggling and helped us fill all four tyres. It was real easy actually. I think we just panicked because we thought all air pumps should let out this 'beep' sound when the tyre is fully filled and the one we used didn't. *defensive* Anyways with all four tyres good to go, we thanked the uncle and made our way to KL.

Then, we decided to stop by IKEA because I need a table for my room and yes, a plate of meatballs!

Mmmmm calories!

Milly was excited because it's the first time she had one and what's more, the guy threw in an extra meatball for her. Lol you can do that?

Obviously happy Milly is obviously happy.


  1. Jom nanti dengan Lisa semua :D

  2. Apo laaagi, YOK KITEK KE SANA YOKKK! :B

  3. Jommmmm. Haha actually sekarang kite dah ada 3 appointments makan meatballs. Macam xde benda lain nak makan xD


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