November 10, 2010

You know iPhone/iPod has many applications that you can download, right? Some are very useful, some are quite useless. And some, are just plain weird.

For instance:
Ayah have this application (which name I awesomely forgot) that can transform your pictures into zombies in his phone. Well, faces, to be exact. Not only that, if you move your finger across the screen, the zombie will follow it and if you just place your finger without moving it, the zombie will 'eat' your finger. And it comes with creepy sound effects to boot!

So behold; The Hashims, zombified:

the most WIN among us
uhum, weird
she's so gonna murder me for uploading this
hey, why all look the same, meh? cheater
bahaha Avatar gone wrong, wtf

And finally, yours truly:
I can haz pumpkin because I'm awesome!

Actually, it was because my picture is the only one taken from a MySpace angle, so the picture turned out not as good. So I put a pumpkin to make it more awesome, wtf. Oh and btw I used whatever pictures that were in Ayah's phone. Too lazy to snap new full-frontal pictures *shifty eyes*

I zombified Messi, too! Look:
There's no way I'm gonna turn something so cute and precious into something so damn ugly. Plus, his picture's not in Ayah's phone :P

On the other hand, I'd like to zombify Ronaldo, but:

I think he already has enough damage on his face.


  1. OKAY. SERIOUSLY THIS IS LIKE THE MOST EPIC ENTRY YOU'VE EVER SENT xD I lol-ed hard on this and cussed non-stop because of those damn pictures!

  2. Orang bosan memang creative, wtf xD
    Comelkan kite ade pumpkin? ;;)

    Bahaha your second boyfriend's face(i.e. Gaynaldo's) made me crack. :3

  3. And, when will you update your blog? :O

  4. The hell with pumpkin tu weh? xD explanation utk asal pumpkin tu ade lagi LOL-able ;p GAYNALDO was the main reason I loike this entry yo! :b

  5. Side note: Above comment punya verification code kite dapat emosomet and I read it as emo so wet. THE HELL. HAHAHA

    Anyway, kite tak tau nak update ape pun :D

  6. a) Sebab the other option is a crown. Tak nak ah geli. Baik pumpkin.

    b) Gaynaldo is awesome, in his own epic phail way xD

    c) Damn kite tak pernah dapat captcha yang interesting. Sheesh tak aci.

    d) Update je la. Macam kite tahu pun nak cakap ape. Tulis je sebab bosan. Padahal cuti baru 3 hari. :( I'm boreeeeddd. I wanna go skiing! OK random.

  7. LMAO crown gile gay xD I swear I'm gunna die laughing. HEHE. Tell me where I can find his retarded gay faces lagi :DDD sebab AC loves him so. HOHO. Well, looks like blogspot loves me more ;b aum aum.

    SKIING as in, kat Sunway tu? JOM! :D

  8. Wtf suka Gaynaldo? I question both his and your taste.

    Lisa, kat Sunway tu ice skating. Skiing ni memang impossible la dekat Malaysia. xD

  9. Can't deny the fact he's one of the PRO these days, along with 'Messshhii' ;p ah I see, silap. HAHA ski as in, atas salji tu eh? xD LOLOL jom ah pegi Swiss :P

  10. Yeah memang die pro pun. Cis. Nak sokong Real Madrid pun kena fikir 2-3 kali sebab ade Ronaldo. Haha OK wtf alasan tak boleh terima pakai.

    ... Care to sponsor me for a trip there? :D

  11. HAHA shallow punye Kiwaa :p hmph? Trip pegi Swiss? HAAAA memang boleh sangat, Kiwa oi. Kapal terbang pun kite tak penah bau lagi (wtf?) xD

  12. M-m-mana ada shallow! D: But hey, I still like RM sebab ada Oezil, Higuain + Casillas. Haha xD

    Ala kedekut r. Takmo kawan la camni *pout*

  13. Weh tu lagi mengukuhkan tuduhan kite ;p sebab those listed names, are hot :D woot woot! Kedekut? Haha nanti kite bawak awk melancong kat WWM :P

  14. Haha what to do? Can't help it. Oezil! Oezil! Oezil! Why didn't Barca bought him before RM? Kalau tak dah perfect dah dream team xD

    Cih apa barang WWM?


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