Story of A Boy

November 14, 2010

Believe me, I love books. And yes, I do read other materials other than manga. Reading is something I thoroughly enjoy, much to my surprise, even. But I rarely buy novels because they are fairly expensive. Call me a cheapskate but money matters, lol. So to dear friends whom I had borrowed books from, OMG I thank you!

Anyways, Jiah and I went to a book fair at South City Plaza last Friday. There were many interesting books and they were sold on very low prices. By low I mean RM5, RM8 a piece. Some are even as low as RM3, and the highest that I saw was RM30. That's not even expensive at all because their original price is much, much higher.

And my eyes were glowing the whole time we were there. Oh, love!

We started by picking up one book and then another, and then another and then another till our hands are full we need to carry them in a box. We ended up with 20 books with total price of RM154. RM154! In normal circumstances, that'd probably cost us hundreds more, a thousand, even. No wonder there were people with three boxes full of books and yet they still browsed for more.

Some of our haul of the day. All of them were RM8 a piece.
Notice the Princess Ai Limited Edition Collection? I bought it for RM15.
Imma go there again. Soon. Super Soon.

Out of all the books, the one that I love the most is this:

I never thought I'd ever own it, but I did. And I'm so glad I did. I first saw it in MPH when I was still in high school. I have to admit I was first attracted to it because of the cover. Yes, I am the type of person that judge a book by its cover. I can't help it, pretty covers appeal me. But I did read a few pages of it and wanted to continue reading.

But I can't spend the whole day there can I? Buying surely wasn't an option (hint: read above statement in paragraph 1). But I later regretted it because I never saw the book anywhere again after that.

Except recently, of course.

Quickie from Wikipedia:

Sam Oliver McQueen is an eleven-year-old child, terminally ill with leukemia, who, during one of his special education sessions decides to write a book about his life. In that book, he will include stories, amusing facts, lists, and his own diary. One of the lists is entitled "Things I Want to Do". With the help of his best friend Felix Stranger, an ill 13-year-old child, he will make all his wishes come true. Sam makes numerous lists of questions. With the help of his teacher, they conduct various experiments, Sam and Felix break world records (including the world's smallest night club). However things take a turn for the worst and Felix dies in hospital. This leaves Sam devastated. Eventually, the doctors realize the medication isn't working as well and Sam makes the decision to stop all medication. Sam dies in his sleep about a month later; he has given his parents a form to fill in about his death so he could finish his book. The last comment is made by his mother, who says, "Sam died quietly in his sleep. He was in no pain."
I've finished reading it in a day. And surprise, surprise, I cried. I cried a whole lot. I know this is a book for kids, but I still cry anyway. Sam was an amazing boy. I don't how to put it in words, but I suggest you read it yourself. It was worth a read at least once, seriously.

And I can't wait to watch the movie.


  1. All the great books are soon to be movie-fied :O as for me, next is It's Kinda of a Funny Story. Hmm. Dah letak high expectation, nanti bila tak best, mesti bengang. Durh.

    Eh best ke buku tu? Nak pinjammmmm :DD

  2. Haha, kannn?
    But I saw the trailer for WTLF. Looks kinda promising. I wonder will the movie ever come to Malaysia. Negative, I think :(

    Eh sure. Nak kata best gila tak la sebab cerita sedih xD I'd say 4/5 :)

  3. Or even tastier, jadi overrated macam Twilight ;p tetiba sumorang nak sakit, so they can write touchy stories xD 4/5 is almost perfect :D if tak sampai Malaysia, download je laa ;)

  4. Haha wtf sengaja sakit sebab nak buat cerita xD
    Eh apa ni menggalakkan pirate :P


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