Nothingness Part II

November 08, 2010

Yes, thou shall fear Messi.

Brilliant first half, sucky second half. But who am I to complain? At least the match was entertaining enough to keep me awake, unlike the one between Barca and Copenhagen days ago. Barca Barca! (Side note: this away kit is so blindingly funny I'm starting to prefer the minty green one more. I wonder who makes the colour decision. Pep?)

Um yeah, so I wasted the day doing nothing again, nothing new. Plus I woke rather late too. I can see this pattern repeats itself tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, and the day after the day after tomorrow, wtf.

*smacks head*

Anyways, Mama's off to Singapore and she won't be back till Thursday. But she cooked me curry just before she left because I requested it last week. I love you Mama. It was yummy! :)

Ayah on the other hand is watching Youtube videos on meminang process, and Googling facts about it. He's preparing for if he happens to be the, uh, speaker for the meminang process when we visit his brother's future fiancée's house this December. Aww, it's good to be prepared, right Ayah? After all, you do have a son. Muehehe.

... I'm gonna go to and read someone else's miseries and feel good about myself, wtf. But then again, at least something happen in their lives, mine don't. FML.

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