Of Tablet And Fruits

November 16, 2010

Do you know the stickers that're always on fruits?

Well, *cough* I collect them.

To avoid misplacing it, I will stick the sticker on my face...

... and paste it on my journal later on. I'm such a genius *shoots self*
Mama did that too just for fun (but she never gave me the stickers because she always forget).
My mom is funny


OK this is so random.
I don't know why I keep those stickers anyway. Maybe I just want to record myself being healthy, wtf. Or maybe I do have issues *shifty eyes*

Oh in case you're interested on the actual book:
I eat oranges, a lot.
And FYI I've only started collecting them recently.


Sorry for hurting your eyes with the horrible cartoons. It's been over a year since the last time I ever used my tablet. Sad thing really, because I feel very awkward using it, which explains the disastrous outcome above. Even the rubber grip on the pen has become sticky due to heat. I need a new pen.

And I need to use the tablet moar.

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