November 05, 2010

aww, he's like a puppy! :)

Before I start yapping away, I; Kiwa and dear Messi would like to wish a happy Diwali to all Indians in the world. :)

Now back to business:

Spent all day listening to Stevie and staring at note slides on my lappy's screen. I feel like vomiting and my eyes hurt but that's the price I have to pay for being so stingy to buy even a proper textbook. But in my defense, that thing will set me back around RM 80, so no thank you.

A lot happened today. I called Mama and she surprised me with the news that Aish and my uncle got into an accident last week. Alhamdulillah, they're not hurt but Pok Su's car is. And why did nobody ever told me earlier about all this? (hint: call home more often, Kiwa)

Gah. This is why I hate being away from home.

Other that that, I've used all my might today to stop myself from slapping my lazy ass junior roommate who keeps on being a dirty donkey by messing up our room. Argh when will you ever learn stupid head? Go the fuck away, you make me sick. I hope next semester I won't get the same room as you. *prays*

OK anger, you can go away now. :)

Also, Diana and me received friendly notes from Milly and Nazierafah in front of our door, reminding us how we're such a loser (inside jokes). Cheeky kejus, as Diyanna would say. But to be fair, all of us had our loser moment today when we went all the way to the college's office and waited for it to open from supposedly lunch break, only to be told by Diyana Shukor that they're close all day because today is a freaking public holiday!

... And to think that I've spent all night last night listening to people playing fireworks. LOL, Kiwa, LOL. xD

Because today will be my last night here, I've packed all my stuff to take back home, including all the junks that I've pasted on the wall. I have to agree with Diyana when she said the absence of those junks on our walls make our rooms feel so gloomy. I've stared at my wall many times and I felt like I've lost something deep inside of me now. I felt like my heaven at UiTM, my personal space, my so-called 'cubicle' has just been raped. OK unnecessary emo-ness, wtf.

And oh look what I found inside Mama's compact! It's from SMS's wedding way back when:

Say hello to drugface, people!

Bahaha nice job Ayah! *thumbs up* OK don't go and curse me now, SMS fans, we have nothing against him. I repeat, nothing. It's just a problem of bad timing a.k.a Ayah pressing the shutter at the wrong time, LOL. But I'm pretty sure SMS is a funny man himself. xD

Eh, eh ni pun ada jugak. Haha. Yes, you have my permission to vomit.

I'm off reading my notes now. ATH is never fun, FML.

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