October 10, 2010

Oh, SMS is a married man today. Congratulations. Who is SMS you ask?

/from Mr. Google
This man.

Datuk Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor or Datuk SMS for short :P

Anyways, I don't fancy him or anything but since my dad got invited to his wedding, I thought I'd share how the invitation, uh, card looks like:

I LOL'd when I see this. Sorry.
I mean come on, I know you're the Angkasawan but do you really need to put your picture in a suit on your wedding invitation envelop? At least a picture of you and your wife would be nicer. Or maybe I just have bad taste. Pardon me.

Oh this is the back of the envelop. The front only has Dr. Hashim & Isteri sticker pasted on it so nothing interesting.

And now for the content:


I LOL'd again. Sorry.
The word Perkahwinan Terunggul Dekad Ini just make laugh. I have nothing against you, sorry please don't be mad.


Anyways, the 'card' measured larger than an a4 size paper, so I can imagine the wedding ceremony to be even more extravagant. How lucky. On 10.10.10, even. :)

I wish the bride and groom all the happiness and selamat pengantin baru.


  1. haha. die jemput orang dewase je ke? sgt xbest =.=

  2. Entah? Kite balik2 je mak kite kate nak pergi wedding die xD

    ni sume keje publicist dia kot..

  4. LOL maybe? Tapi macam la orang tak kenal die ni angkasawan? News flash much? :P


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