November 07, 2010

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I'm bored.
REALLY bored. And it's only been a day since I arrived home for the semester break.

I've spend all day today walking around the house in my blanket because it's damn cold and then roll on my bed, reading online manga(s). And oh yeah, eat. Hell yeah I ate a lot. As a matter of fact, I've been consistently visiting Mr. Fridge I think he's already sick of seeing my face. How sad.

Then, Milly texted me asking when will we go out and have meatballs together. Clearly she's bored staying at home as well. Bahaha I'm so glad that the feeling is mutual, wtf. At least I'm not alone.

Even Google is mocking me today. FML


I need to start making list of things to do or even better, get a freaking job. Or else, I'll just be a fat cow and roll in my bed everyday. That sounds so fun *shoots self*

p/s: Am so excited for tonight's game! Vamos Barca!

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