Paper Cranes

November 21, 2010

Slow day, again. Woke up very late due to the fact that I stayed up to watch the match between Barca and Almeria. OMG I need a new hobby that does not require me to stay up late. Then again, watching a football match is not a hobby, more like an activity to past the time. OK I don't know why I'm even arguing with myself, wtf.

Today, after having enough chat with Cleverbot and realizes how I've sunk so low, I decided to fulfill my latest goal, i.e learn to fold paper cranes.

I've always wanted to learn how but I never did much effort to. Heck, I even wasted the chance to learn from a true Japanese during my trip to Ishikawa. That, I regretted very, very much. *shoots self*

So since I had nothing better to do:
My handsome crane! I'm tearing with joy right now.

Bahaha I'm such an expert now I can even fold it with my eyes closed!
Kidding, I can't.

I used papers from magazines and brochures that are meant to be thrown away because I care for the trees. And Earth. And you should do the same, too. Please recycle your papers and stop wasting tissue papers. For fuck's sake, use a handkerchief when you blow your nose or wipe your drool.
... What am I saying? Sorry for that.
My other babies! OMG this is addictive LOL.

Oh click here for tutorial.

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