Wake Up Call

November 21, 2010

Title credit goes to Hawthorne Heights

8-0 trashing.
I don't know what kind of emotion should I portray. Well of course I'm super happy Barca did not drop 3 points but I do feel sorry for Almeria. Especially for their coach. Um well, ex-coach now. But that's life, I guess.

Anyways, yayness for Messi's hatrick! Too bad Villa didn't get to be on the scoresheet. But hey, Bojan scored. Twice even! :D
What, no guns this time Bojan?


Dear Fontas a.k.a giant dude on the left, you got my eyes on you. I hope Pep will field you more often ;)

Now, one CL game against Panathinaikos and here comes El Clasico on Monday!


  1. owhh kita tak sabar nak tgk el clasico!!

  2. Haha tengah berbelah bagi sebab kite suka both teams. Boleh pulak kan?


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