Clocks In Slowmotion

November 23, 2010

Title credit goes to My Last Fall

... It's been a while since my last Messi picture spam *wide smile*

Lesson that Kiwa learnt today:
  1. Use familiar route when travelling, or you'll get lost.
  2. You can get drifted miles away from your destination just by missing an exit.
  3. Having a phone with GPS application is essential.
  4. Step on the brake early to avoid collision.
  5. Driving on the slow lane is just as dangerous as driving on the fast lane (?).
  6. Listening to the radio repeating overrated songs is pure torture.
  7. Apparently, Kiwa can't navigate her car well when it's raining.
  8. And she tends to lose focus all the time.
  9. Kiwa is a very terrible driver.
  10. And she hates driving even more now.

I hate driving. I hate changing lanes. I hate having other cars getting too close for comfort with my car's butt. I hate traffic lights. I hate parking my car. I hate speed limits. I hate traffic jams. I hate toll booths. I hate getting lost. I hate people who use high beam lights. I hate people who honk too much. I hate people who change lanes without giving signals. I hate, hate driving.

I need a chauffeur to drive my modest Kelisa lol

Oh I hanged my cranes on my ceiling! Sorry for the blurry image though, it's hard to snap pictures while balancing with one leg on the table:
I can haz birds watching me sleep nao
I wanted to make and hang more of them, but Mama won't let me because they're dust magnets. She knows I won't bother cleaning them, lol. Mama knows me too well.

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