November 24, 2010

For Christmas, I want this:

A Taiko Drum for my Wii!
or TaTaCon!

Well I obviously don't celebrate Christmas, but I like presents so gimme one lol (I think I've overused 'lol' in my posts lately. That's annoying).

For those who have no idea what those round thing with sticks are, they're just this thing:
in compact and portable size. Now, as much as I'd love to have the original, arcade version of the drum in my home but let's face it; a) super impossible as I don't have the much needed $$ and b) even if I do have the money, there'd be no space for it my home. So mini drum, I'll take you!

Oh more info on Wiki, or you can just click here.

Recently, I introduced the game to my buddies, The Kejus and they loved it. Glad I'm not the only one who wouldn't mind spending few ringgits for rounds of drum beating. A highly efficient stress-relieving device, I'd say. And it's super addictive.

Leave it to the Japanese to make drums super cute liddis.

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