Turn That Frown Upside Down

September 27, 2010

Btw, Happy Birthday, Google. Thanks for making our lives so darn easier everyday. ILY

"Kiwa, lain kali ada test, study. Jangan asyik nak main & download gambar Messi je"
(Ooops, kantoi) xD

OK, I need write these words on paper and paste it on my forehead. Like, this instant.

Seriously. I did really bad in CTU test just now, I think I'm only gonna get like 2/15, maybe? Or perhaps 0/15 even. Totally wrote something sooo irrelevant I even embarrassed myself by only thinking about it (wait, this doesn't make sense. Screw this shit!). How did I become this dumb again? *sigh*

You'll do better next time, Kiwa. :) *bersemangat balik*

Moving on,

Ignore the fact that I look so selekeh, which is how I look like most of the time, LOL but come on Mira, I took your photo so nais, but how come mine look so weird? Tak aci laa macam ni. *pout* & heyy, did I gain THAT many pounds from last year?


Oh, remember this post?

Well back then it was the left side of the earphone that died suddenly. Then it out of the blue came back to life. But now, it's the right side that dies today. Apple earphones are funny shit.

/from 9gag

LOL I'm so gonna buy some cheap-ass earphones now.

p/s: Changed my ringtone to Steve Appleton's Wake Up Honey just now. Haha small things like this can make me so damn happi.

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