See The Lights

September 30, 2010

A bit delayed, but yeah here goes:

Second task of GED 218 class; create a poster and a magazine cover using the techniques we learnt from our lecturer xD

This is the poster. Crappy cropping, crappy composition, I know. Was asked to re-do this but because I'm awesome lazy, I decided not to. The technique used was sparkling hot girl. You can Google that if you're interested.

... Damn I wish You Me At Six will come to Malaysia. I'll even buy the RM 259 tickets. Kidding, I'm not that rich, wtf. The RM 55 would be suffice enough, yeah?

This is the magazine cover. I recycled the mastheads from last year's assignment. Yes, I am lazy to that extent, and proud *shoots self*. The technique used was shiny calligraphy. Again, you can Google it if you're interested. All the images used for the collage are from Credits to respective owners.

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