October 04, 2010

After much blood, sweat and tears are spilled, I hereby present thee:
*drumroll queues in*
OK, mengada much Kiwa? xD

My calligraphy.
This is Kufi Khat, the easiest out of all of the other khat types, which is practically why I chose to do it in the first place. Yes, I am ashamed of my fondness of choosing the simplest thing to do instead of challenging myself. *pouts*
But a man gotta eat it, you know? (OK, totally irrelevant)

The wordings are: Allah and 'Ilmu Itu Pelita Hidup' which is a Malay proverb. It was supposed to shape like a pelita (lamp) but I haz phailed, yeah? I used textures because I was clueless on which colours to choose. Didn't expect much but my lecturer seems to like it, so I am glad. Whatever floats his boat, really. :)

Reference was used for the word Allah. Thank you for whoever made it. I tried to make my own version of it, but yours are just exactly how I pictured it to be, therefore I cannot resist. Thank you.

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