Yellow And White

August 07, 2010

Homaigah how come VAIO's webcam can be so damn crappy? Return my momma's money back!

Now don't get me wrong, I never said I'm not going back home this weekend in my last post, I only said I hate replacement classes (which I still very much hate, btw). But I love to be in the comfort of my own room, my own bed and pillows more than anything, so yeah.

Anyways, dinner was great as always and am currently in my Pjs and fancy sweater
(which was supposed to be mine but since it was tad too short for me it now belongs to Jiah) because it is too cold right now. No, I don't use the a/c, I care a lot for our mother nature, thank you very much. You should be like me too so switch off your a/c nao. You don't need artificial air to survive do you?

Moving on.

Tigger, who bit me in the face just minutes after I arrived home because I was being too loving for her liking
(meaning; I kissed her too much it's suffocating her. See? Even cats hate me wtf. I need some love here people xD) is doing her usual all-day activity, which is sleeping, next to this laptop-with-crappy-webcam. Nice. Just the way I pictured a night at home will be like. I love my home. :)

p/s: Another pointless post. Awesome.

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