Roller Coaster

August 09, 2010

/look at that huge ass telephone!

For the sake of fun research, Diracchi and me went to Times Square's indoor theme park, Cosmo's World. Lined-up for tickets quite early, the counters were not even opened yet. Excited much? Lol.

To my surprise, there were not many people around. Maybe due to some events that took place in front of Times Square's entrance? Seriously, there were very few people around, we have to wait for people to fill up the seats of the rides before they'll let the rides run. Yes, you heard me. Wait for people to fill in empty seats. Not us waiting in the queue, to get seats (Ok I kinda don't make sense here? My storytelling skills suck so bad).

I'm proud to say I rode all of the thrill rides, except for Spinning Orbit, because it was closed for annual maintenance. Dammit I wanted to ride that spinning thingy. Speaking of spinning, why almost all of the rides in Cosmo's World involve spinning us around? I wanna feel the adrenaline rush, not the urge to vomit. Sheesh. Anyways, we rode the roller coaster six times and trust me, we'd ride it many more times if I didn't need to rush back to Melaka.

Yay now I can finally cross visiting Cosmo's World from my goals list! I iz happy!

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