Nak Balik Tapi Tak Boleh

August 06, 2010

Dammit. I hate it when we have Saturdays replacement classes. I miss home *whining mode: ON* But at least we'll have 2 weeks worth of holidays for Raya. Yay! (I know, Malaysians are so lazy we have too many holidays every year. Don't believe me? Google Malaysia's calendar nao)

Anyways, Sir Jeyaraman let us go early today and I've finally washed my bundle of laundry. Finally, Kiwa the Lazy Ass. So, since I have nothing better to do now... no actually I do. In fact, I have tonnes of assignments I need to complete I shouldn't even be blogging right now. But screw that, I deserve myself a (long) break *shifty eyes*

Continue from above sentences:
So, since I have nothing better to do now, I'll post pictures of my room here in UiTM! Yayayay! Yes, posting pictures of the place where I found is the most interesting place in UiTM is mad more important than doing assignments. Heck it is so important I demand you to blog about your hostel room too, NAO!

Look to the far right. See that man? *ahem* He's mine lol.

Now you can go back doing your work.

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