I Can't Take This Anymore

August 11, 2010

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Why did I choose animal testing as the topic for my midterm paper? Why? I hate it. I hate to type the word animal testing on Google. I hate knowing how bad the animals suffer. I hate knowing millions of cats, dogs, rats, monkeys, rabbits, and other animals died every year, due to animal testing. Yes, those cute animals. Yes, those innocent animals. They died because of us. Because of our own selfishness and total greed.

I hate knowing what a 'Draize Test' is. What LD50 is. I hate knowing the stuff that I used are tested on animals. My shampoo, my fabric softener, my toothpaste, everything. I hate knowing that I, in some ways have contributed to animal testing. I feel terrible. Very terrible.

The process of gaining information for my topic has affected me mentally. I can't read an article filled with sad faces of animals without being teary. I can't. I just can't. Why did I choose this topic in the first place? Why?

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