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July 03, 2010

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Like I just can't have enough bad news after another.

First, Amy died. She's my sister's friend's cat that I used to take care of for nearly a month. She was one of the cat that never fails to amuse me, especially with the way she always slide her butt on the floor after she has done pooping. And a few days back, Zorro died.

Then comes the registration day. Milly called and told me the news I never thought I could ever be hearing. There's been changes made with the rooms at the hostel, and Milly is no longer in the same room with me and Mira. Fuck no. I was really at a loss for word. The room will never be the same without Milly around (stop being a drama queen, Kiwa. Milly is only a door away from you). But still, Milly stabilizes me, like Veron stabilizes Messi (OK awkward, so moving on).

Which brings us to the next bad news. Argentina, losing to Germany. And not just any loss, 0-4. SHAME. I mean, I knew Argentina wouldn't have a shot with Germany. No, not with the really poor defense on Argentina's side, and Germany with their outstanding young players and ahem, Mueller. But I didn't expect such a loss. And Messi, leaving the World Cup without scoring a goal. Just unbelievable. Maradona must be really, really devastated.

Dear Messi, I'm still one of your biggest fan, goalless or not. I'm looking forward to your brilliance in future games.

Homaigah you're so cute how can I not like you? *drools*

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