May 26, 2010

Mood: Happy!
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Hello fellow tapiocas;
Today is Wednesday, which means: CHEAP MOVIE TICKETS! Being a total cheapskate, I prefer to go watch movies only when the tickets are cheap. I mean come on, who wouldn't?
So after waking up (rather late, as usual) I quickly showered, kecoh-ing at my sister to get ready and then all three of us (Jiah, Bibik and me) were on our way to the nearest mall with new awesome cineplex; i.e the Wangsa Walk Mall.

Movie of choice:
No, we didn't watch it in 3D and no, I'm not gonna write any review about it, simply because I suck big time in words.
I've watched all Shrek movies and I cannot say which one is my favourite because I never really liked any of them. But I like animations and cartoons, so yeah.
Anyhow, the ogres are still as ugly as ever, even the baby ogres are butt ugly (sorry ogre fans), Donkey is still in his funny-annoying self, and Puss... well,

/images from Google, credit goes to DreamWorks

mad love!

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