Blog Clean-up

December 18, 2014

Update: So many youtube videos I posted here have been removed by the uploader. I'll sort through all of that too I guess.

I suddenly had the urge to start blogging again. I guess I kinda miss writing random nothings to my inexistent audience. I kinda miss editing photos to upload here; my (sort of) visual diary. I kinda miss going to youtube and look for songs that fit my situations, my feelings and post them on Saturdays. I kinda miss bloghopping too. When I stopped blogging, I ceased on visiting the blogs that I dearly loved. For sure I have a lot to catch up on now.

Anyways, the point of this post is just as per title; I'm cleaning up my blog. I'm getting rid of the silly let-me-pour-my heart-onto-this-post kinda posts (which are abundant lol) and maybe deleting images that I feel are no longer needed to be showcased to anyone but me. Ha.

And maybe I'll come around with a new layout too. Wow.

Till then, stay fresh.

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