Mixtape Saturday #28

October 12, 2013

Everyone loves me for my past, but they always hate me in the present.
Why can't you just meet me somewhere in the middle?

So I'm gonna rant a little.
Finally. Finally ADTR releases their new album, Common Courtesy. At first I thought they were gonna release it last year, when they did that countdown. It turned out it was for the release of their single Violence (Enough is Enough) instead. I was a bit disappointed but listening to Violence made me more excited to wait for the full album. Didn't know it'd take me almost 10 months of waiting though.

Now, now, I claim myself to be a big fan of ADTR but I'm not really the kind that keeps myself up-to-date with the band's latest news. In fact, I don't do that with my other favourite bands too. I'm the type that don't bother much about the artists but more on their songs. I'm sorry. With that said, I didn't know that ADTR had some issues with their label, hence delaying the progress of their album. My bad. *slowly rips off 'I AM ADTR'S BIGGEST FAN' sticker from my forehead*
But alas, they won the rights to self-publish their album and here we have this gem, finally. Words can't even describe how I felt when I first heard all the songs. My emotions were overloading. I can't say this is their best album to date since I love all of them equally but heck, this is one hell of an album. I love how Common Courtesy reminded me of For Those Who Have Heart, the first ADTR album I listened to back in high school. Jeremy's voice has grown a lot, I have to add.

I knew for this week's Mixtape Saturday I have to post one of the songs in this album, but choosing one is near impossible since all of the songs has its own charm. I Remember, the last track of this album fits perfectly. I love how Jeremy reminisces the old memories of sleeping in a van, playing in an empty room and all. It felt personal and we as fans feel so much closer to the band. Oh how much has this band grow.

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