Red Velvet

March 04, 2013

Last Saturday, I surprised my sister and my brother with a homemade red velvet cake for their birthday! They turned 25 and 21 on the 1st March and 2nd March. Bunch of March babies we are. And when I said homemade I meant me waking up early and quickly drove to cousin's and let her do all the cool baking stuff while I sat there looking dumb because I certainly do not have that baker's touch. I do help here and there though so yeah *pats self on back*. And they say, its the thoughts that count, kan?
Of course, dragging reluctant felines on birthday photoshoots are always fun!
In case you're interested, I ironed some hama beads and glued them on toothpicks and voila! Instant cake topper. Oh and I got the recipe for the cake from here. Happy trying!

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