March 12, 2013

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It's a lot cooler tonight compared to the other nights hence I was in a mood of typing. It's week two of being in Puncak Alam. Week two of being in a new place, in a new environment. I noticed that I never wrote anything about my semester in Shah Alam; i.e. the first semester of my degree. Ha. It was simply because I was lazy and I hated that place. Yes, hate. No I don't really care to explain.

Anyways, new place. 
How I loathed the day I realized that my semester break is over and I had to drag my ass to Puncak Alam. It's not like I hate this place too, it's too early to tell. I just find everything to be tiring. I'm not tired of studying per se but I have this doubts that maybe all of this is not meant for me. Maybe I made the wrong choice. Maybe I should've made an entirely different decision. It's hard when you have no one to rely on for guidance. It's hard when you have to path your own ways without any help. It's hard when you have to be independent. It's baffling when you realized that you have to, whether you like it or not, grow up. 

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