March 13, 2013

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I am always a pessimist. It is in my nature; I think of the worst and I fear for the worst. All the time. So it was  only natural for me to watch the game with the mindset that a remuntada is impossible. Turning over a two-goal deficit is impossible. Even if we're FC Barcelona. Sometimes I think it is better to not get your hopes high so that you'd be less devastated with the outcome. It'd hurt a lot less and you can just dust off your knees and continue loving this team because regardless, this team will forever be etched in your heart.

But Barca proved me wrong. Dead wrong.
And boy how I love it when they proved me wrong.

//video removed cuz of dead link//
Two goals from the genius Leo and a piece each from Villa and Alba. Perfection. Masterclass. I was left speechless. My emotions were overflowing. I cried. For the first time I cried legit tears over a football match. Oh Lord what has football done to me. It was only the round of 16 but somehow it was as if Barca had won the title altogether. This win means so much for the team. They were getting shit for their performance in the past few weeks, some even said it was the end of an era. But no, they come back with brilliance, playing magically like they always do, beautiful, beautiful tiki-taka and hence winning ever so deservingly. AC Milan was great in the first leg but Barca came out stronger. No dirt, only pure magic.

And best of all they did for us, the fans. The cules. And for Tito, of course. Now I don't care what will happen in the future because I know I will still love this team with all my heart. We may hit rock bottom again but hey Barca, I know you will prove me wrong.
The genius is a kid. A cute kid argh.

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