March 20, 2013

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Pictures of Jeremy because he's just perfect.

They probably meant nothing to you, but the small conversations that we had made me giddy. I feel like a highschooler all over again. Silly really since I'll be 22 very soon. Making eye contact with you feels like the hardest thing ever. I swear if I'm even remotely possible to blush, I'd be the reddest huge ball of a head. But since I can't blush because my skin colour won't let me lol so I grin and smile like an idiot instead. Everytime. It's ridiculous. But the fact that you took notice of me, the insignificant me, made me the happiest. I have to admit, I'm attracted to you.

I know I have no chance whatsoever with you, so I wonder if we could be friends? 

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