The Museum

February 18, 2013

*Picture heavy post.
O hey look at that, another super duper late post! Initially, we planned on going to the Featherdale Farm on our seventh day but it rained so the plan was scratched. We went back to the city and entered the Powerhouse Museum instead.
The main reason we went there was because I wanted to visit the Narnia Exhibition. It was ok, the exhibition area was quite small but it was fun nonetheless. Too bad we can't take any pictures in there though. After that, we went about the museum. The museum was HUGE. I was never a fan of museums but I can tell you that I enjoyed being in this museum very much. It has several floors and each floor has things from different themes.
How Circular Quay will look like if the sea water level rises. Eeep
A weirdo on a high-wheeler.
Space things.
Tin Toys *salivating*
The museum also held several temporary exhibitions:
Like Lego.
Fashion students' works.
Lace works. All of the pieces exhibited were so lovely omg. I liked every single one of them. 
Muslim fashion.
There were other parts of the museum that we decided to not explore because we already spent too much inside the museum it was a bit dizzying lol. Nevertheless, if any of you are visiting Sydney, I suggest you give Powerhouse Museum a visit. Kids will love it. I know I did.

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