February 08, 2013

It's Friday morning and it is raining. Rain. Oh how much I love rain. Rain calms me. It is impossible not to smile when you wake up and you look out of the window and you see the rain pouring down. It is as if the rain is washing away all of your pain and worries. I love rain.

Enough about that. I am finally able to get a hold of the laptop, yay! In case you are not aware, my old laptop broke down and I have been sharing my mum's laptop with her for a while now, boo. Since I am on uni break right now, Mum took the laptop away with her all the time, leaving me with only my phone to get in touch with the internet which I hate because the screen is too small wtf. Blogging with a phone is beyond possible for me lol. Oh I am gonna use that excuse as to why my blog is ever so dull and boring with no updates. Ha. Yes, I would love to get my own laptop soon but since I have no means of getting money to buy one I have to be content with sharing. Can't be too spoiled there, Kiwa.

The rain is making me drowsier and making me feel like sprouting more nonsense with my fingers so I better stop. Happy Friday and enjoy the holidays, guys.

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