Government House

November 10, 2012

*Picture heavy post.
Yet another photo dump of my Sydney trip lol. I really need to finish blogging about this trip before this year ends wtf. 
Anyways, as we exited the park, we saw that the Government House is quite nearby to where Mama and Aunty Gee's were resting so we took them there.
 These cockatoos were everywhere. Such a cute sight, really.
Love all the pretty flowers wah. 
 This thing right here kids, was what they used to tell time in the older days. Comprende?
Turned around to find Mama liddis:
 Have I ever told you that my mum is such a cartoon character?
 She is lol
Dear Mama, if you happen to read this, I love you. Thank you for being such a fun mum. 
Told you they were everywhere. They're like pigeons but way, way, way cuter wah.
Australian humour v. 2
Dropped by Kasturi Cafe so that Mum could say hello to her elementary school friend, Kak Noni which is also the owner of this cafe. I forgot to take pictures of the interior of this cafe like any hipster would because I'm a fool so enjoy the pictures of our foods instead wtf.

... Not that I ace in food photography whatsoever. No0b.
My nasi lemak.
Because I'm a Malaysian.
I forgot the rest of the foods' names wtf. Kuey teow this, nasi goreng that haha
That's Kak Noni.
The foods were OK-ish. I can't really say much since anything Malaysian that I ate will always be sub-par cuz I'll compare them to my Mum's because she's forever will be the best cook I know so yea. Also I believe this was my only decent meal I had in Sydney because the foods were expensive I'd rather starve lol.
We finished our dinner, said goodbye to Kak Noni and walked back to our hotel. It was freezing the whole journey it reminded me why we didn't go out at night while we were in Sydney heh.

4/9. 5 days left. Ha.

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