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November 16, 2012

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Picture has nothing to do with whatever I'm posting but it is just too cute and every blog has to have a gif of a super adorable baby elephant crossing the road just cuz.

Just felt like sharing something I stumbled with on tumblr:
Did you know your birth order reflects your personality of who you are today?
Oldest Child:  The oldest child are rarely bad. They come off as bossy because they created a sense of responsibility at a very young age. They are usually the most bossy in the family however, they are people pleasers. Oldest children tend to marry or stay and maintain a relationship for a long period of time. They are perfectionist and at times put themselves under a lot of pressure.
Youngest Child:   They often behave as if they are the only child. They expect others to do things and make decisions for them. At times they feel the weakest/smallest of the family. They are very tricky and know how to manipulate people into doing things for them. The youngest child are fun and very liked by others. They are usually really good at examining and studying people. The youngest child are usually the loudest of the group. They seek and like being paid attention to. If you are dating a youngest child, the worst thing you can do is tell them what to do. They have low maintenance expectations in a relationship. They are innovative and usually have the best sense of humor. They are usually undisciplined, self-centered, and have a high ego of themselves.
Middle Child:  The middle child never had rights of a older and younger child. They often feel as if life is unfair. They are very adaptive and can compromise better than others. They are good at keeping promises and get along people really well. They are willing to do things differently. They are very independent and usually don’t rely on others. They are the peacemaker of the group but at the same time is rebellious. Friends might become an impact on the middle child’s life. They are very stubborn and dislike computation. They don’t usually ask for help. They either feel too embarrassed or rather learn for themselves. They either marry quickly, or really late. If late, they will wait for the right/perfect person. They are calm but fierce on the inside. They don’t like to open up or share their feelings.

I'm a middle child. Have to say this is fairly accurate. Heh.

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