Mr. Darcy

May 05, 2012

Another day of utter nothingness. I really should start with my resume, portfolio and whatnot so that I could, if God's willing, land myself a job. But nay, everytime I thought of getting to that, my mind wanders off to different thing. Especially when you have internet, the oh-so huge of a distraction.

But in a serious note though, I do need a job. Mama is tired of seeing me being lazy at home everyday and lazying around doing nothing is tiring after a long while, believe me. I have no idea what else to do at home to the point that plucking chillies at our garden became so darn interesting and fascinating to me. #sadlifeofajoblesshobo
All of you shall go into my instant noodles one day.

Other than that, I also took up reading again.
Tea and good books, they made my life a tad bit bearable.
I've always wanted to read this book but never get the chance to do so since I am too cheap to buy myself books. Trust me, I'd rather spend my money on random useless things, I don't even know why. Anyways, so when I went to Popular and saw this book selling for only RM8.90, I hesitated no more. 
I can't wait to watch the movie after I finished this book. I've watched it once but it was so long ago I don't even remember how the story went. Now, if only I can finish this book soon enough for all the while I've been reading it, I find myself stopping and searching the meaning of the words with my phone. Seriously, this book made me question so much about my proficiency in the English language. 

Then again, how am I supposed to know the meaning of words like abhorrent, desirous, obeisance or even imperturbable? I feel so so dumb right now.

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