olele olala ser del barça és el millor que hi ha!

April 26, 2012

Cules' reaction after Torres' goal.
Can I just?
All of them deserve chocolate chips cookies omg.
How I wish to be at Camp Nou supporting my team and experience the amazing atmosphere at this magnificent of a stadium.
In every match.
Shit I need to move to Spain lah liddis.
Is there any awesome graphic course in Barcelona cause I seriously could consider enrolling it.
Always, forever, win or lose, I'm proud of this team and these players.


  1. Almost got me teared up, Kiwa :') I guess, I haven't love the team yet as much as you do ;)

  2. Haha I didn't cry when Torres scored but hearing the fans reacting that way... damn ninjas cutting onions.

    You will love them as much as I do one day Lisa :')

  3. Gutted to see my baby Leo so upset...:(. You can't always win *sigh*. Am just glad Mourinho and his gang of thugs didn't make it to the finals either..Hahahahahahahaha *nada jahat dan hasad dengki*. If Torres plays during the final, my support is with Chelsea, cause he's just so damn kacak dan tampan :p.

  4. I know rightt? Waktu dia sorok muka dia tu I was like come here boyy lemme give you a hug. :') Hehe it sure is not a final everyone is expecting.

    Lol I don't find Torres good looking. Puyol lagi kacak. Gagah even. :P


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