Things That Made Me Smile Recently

March 07, 2012

Seeing this flower bloom each morning.
Chicken barbeque.
Tigger being herself; an ever so curious explorer.
Jelly with the furkids' new toy.
Smokee. Praying he'll get better though.
Seeing the boys of the house getting excited over their new ride.
Seeing the most perfect potential son-in-law all mothers would want live.
Blog about this later when I'm free.
(Pic stolen from Nazie for the time being hurhurhur)
Early birthday present from Ayah.
(I'm calling it McKillon!)


  1. Perfect? My life is a far cry from perfect. Only God knows and if only you know Lisa.


  2. Sapa punya aprilia??? OMGGGGGGGG IM JELLY

  3. The boys of the house; my dad and bro xD


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