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December 17, 2011

*Picture heavy post.
On 11th December, we held a party for my parents' 25th anniversary. It was a surprise party and the planning was insanely stressful. We kept on shifting the date because Jiah's schedule was extremely tight. Keeping this party a secret was hard too. We had to lie several times to avoid being suspicious. Thankfully, our parents were just too busy and tired to even thought of something is going on.

On that day, Aish managed to get the parents out of the house (despite their unwillingness) for a movie while the others (me, Jiah and the relatives) busied ourselves around the house decorating, cleaning and setting up the foods and stuff. It was funny how on their way back home from the movie, Aish and my cousin kept on making excuses just to stall some time for us to complete our mission. 

All in all, Alhamdulillah, everything went well and according to plan. My parents were surprised and everybody had fun. And the weather was perfect, too (and and earlier that morning Barca won against Real Madrid so it was a perfect day muahaha). I couldn't have hoped for something more. 

Some snapshots of the day:
Awesome sugar cookies by my awesome friend Huda
Thanks girlfriend! *kisses*
Wrapped the cookies while watching el Classico that morning.
Delicious fruits tarts by Aish's girlfriend. 
She has my approval to date my brother nao wtf xD
The guests of honour arriving to the scene. 
& the chauffeur, Aish  
The part that we excitedly anticipated; cake cutting!

Because it's a RAINBOW CAKE asdfghjkl!
We got it from here.
*crossing this off my goals list*

It was a good day. Thank you to those who've helped us making it happen. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


  1. ZE PARTAAAAYH LOOKED OWSEM! So sad I can't be part of it :/

  2. Sapa suruh tak mai!

    Anyway, sorry ingat nak simpan le cookies untuk korang tapi tak sempat.

    But we can always crash over at Huda's and demand her to make cookies for us. *no shame*


  3. Hangpa semua patut stay Melawati! :< I shall be the first to come and the last to go home xD

    Ahoooooi, tu laaaah. Me want le cookie :O eh tapi for sure Huda will someday came across to this post :p kih kih kih!


  4. Gurl I kno! Ampang sux. But wat to do?

    Ahaha Huda, where are you? We have a simple request hereeee.

  5. Eh the one with the blue shirt, what was his name? Haha I knowwww that guy.

  6. Blue shirt? That's my brother, Hariz (Aish).

    Or the old man is of course Mr Hashim, my dad


    I knew him. Ktorang lepak ramai-ramai dekat Janda Baik before XD I beat him in badminton! Ahahaha

    Small small world :')

  8. Wait, rumah kau bukan hujung skali kan? The dekat lawn yard dia ada big-size chess thingy O_O That's not your house, right?

  9. Ampang SUUUUUUCKS. Ya hear me? Eh not really *teringat AC :p

    Aiyoh, mana Huda niii? Kite rasa dia ada kat sini tapi dah backed out tanak komen sebab takut xD nyeheheh!

  10. @Farhan: Hmm y parents are still oblivious about the trip to Janda Baik aku rasa. >___> Nope tu rumah kawan dia.

    @Lisa: True dat. Jalan sempit kereta banyak. So not like my precious Melawati. T^T Haha Huda busy buat cookies untuk kite mungkin xD

  11. Hmmm, re-read your first sentence again. I think you meant "my"? Haha it took me almost half an hour to figure that out >_>

    Ohh maybe parents kau marah sebab pagi tu dorang nak guna kereta? XD Haha masa tengah badminton tu, Hariz terus rush balik dengan Mirul pastu datang balik bawak kete lain :>

  12. HAHA if that's the case, buktikan kesetiaan awk pada Melawati by taking picture sebelah typo Melawati yang besaaaaaau tu :p

    Yelaaah, come to think of it again, what is she up to eh sekarang?

  13. @Farhan. *my. Happy? Ahaha they got back and changed car, ye? First time I heard that. Mak aku tak tau dia pergi pun Janda Baik tu let alone balik & patah balik. >__>

    @Lisa: Tak nak. Sher yang kena buat dulu then baru kite fikir nak buat ke tak :P

    Siapa? Huda ke?

  14. Qiwaaa! Sooo ohsem posum la ur party! So sad I can't attend :( I woke up at 5pm kot that Sunday sbb penat sgt keje kat RTW aritu. Sorry darling.

    Next time around maybe we cud do tea party ke apa kat rumah awak pulak. So I can make lots of cookies, cupcakes and and and macam2 lagi lah. How that sounds? ^_^ Ok. Qiwa, certified event planner la u naw. Can join my next event la ni. Hahaha! I like how u wrapped the cookies. Nampak cantik, simple & exclusive sgt. Weee~ Hope everyone like the sugar cookies :)

    Lisa : hehehe. rindu kita lettewww :DD

  15. HUDAAAAAA~ YOU BET I DO! :') *pls stop posting gambar makanan kat fb xD

    Nyahaaaaa~ looks like a plan to me. Kiwaaaa, do the honor! ;D Huda dah offers herself nak baking utk kitorang. Mohohoho!

  16. @Huda: Huda, your plan is, ever so wonderful. :') Please do come to my house. The door is always open. Tak sempat2 awak nak datang kan? xD

    Btw, thank you! Biasa je deco dia. Yang awak tunjuk awak buat tu looked more awesome. And yes, your cookies were delicious Huda. Kite suka gila xD

    @Lisa: I'm up for anything, just jangan suruh kite plan. Sebab kite malas. Hehe :B

  17. Itulah dia. Boleh buat macam reunion class kita ke apa. Nnt la one day kita table talk about this idea ramai2 :) Awww Qiwaaaa. No biggie la babe! Glad you like it!

    Lisa : We'll ratu melantak kan kita ni? Harus la post makanan2 ni :DD


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