December 14, 2011

I'm tired. I had a very hectic weekend and had to rush back to Lendu on Monday for my department's annual meeting in which the only outcome is the conformation of my initial thoughts that our new juniors are a bunch of snobs. 

Well, some of them maybe.

The next day proceeded with me panicking and stressing myself with my major project. And because of that, I binged. *facepalm*  Today was no exception either. I had to rush between the studio and the computer lab for the whole day. And to make things worse, I suck at 3D. Here let me show you:
This is a bishop.
(Thanks Google!)
And this is my rendered bishop.
I don't know whether to laugh or cry.
Well I laughed.

Anyways, I'm hitting the sack early tonight. I should be sending e-mails to few companies but right now, no. I need my sleep. 


  1. UUUUUU your life is hard :D But stay strong and keep it that way.


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