July 09, 2011

I'm want me some cakes! 

It's 1.30 a.m. and I just showered after a late night badminton date with Fatin. The day earlier was a tad depressing, mainly due to the setbacks we're facing with our assignments. Blergh. But I won't bitch on that here to spare you from all the negative vibes. Nice, aren't I?

Glad to know they're kids on the inside just like us.

Few things worth noting about myself today are:

  • My arms are so long that they are the reason why the bathroom at our rent house is shower head-less now. Apparently I also have superhuman strength because I was able to knock it off the wall. I blame poor plumbing job. Hah.
  • I can now do chucks with McKee, my ukulele! *proudofsomethingsoeasy But I still can't do any decent strumming yet. I didn't know I was this musically handicapped, FML.
  • I gained weight, again. *shoots self*
Life, it goes on.

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