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June 20, 2011

Sunday was hectic. A bunch of people I dislike stayed over at my house for the weekend, ruining my mood all together. I had to take my sister out for a movie but that I don't really mind since that means I can get out of the house and not having to bother about our precious guests. So we went and watched Green Lantern. In 3D. *rub eyes*
/from Google
We entered the cinema hall 15 minutes late. Classy. The movie was alright. Unlike most people, I don't fancy watching movies in 3D. I find it hard to concentrate on the movie with the weird glasses messing with my view. The same reason why I never wear glasses when I should have *foreverruiningeyesights

Later on the afternoon, me and Aish headed off to town, looking for Father's Day's presents. It was a hard task since Ayah is a man with simple needs, but very hard to please. But Ayah liked what we gave him so consider the job well done. *exhale*
Other than that, Aish gave me the tickets for the match between Malaysia XI and Liverpool FC. We bought the cheapest ones because others were sold out. *cry* Personally I'd love to watch Arsenal but the date does not agree with me. Very well, Liverpool will do just as good.
Aaaand, I bought an ukulele. I kept on convincing myself that it was not an impulse purchase, but maybe it was. *shifty eyes* I'm still thinking of a name for it but for now, it is in the good care of Aish. At least until my next semester break/when I'm free enough to start strumming. And if you're curious, it is a TGM Soprano UK10 Ukulele and it cost me RM99. 


  1. Buy your own tickets. Kata die-hard-fan Liverpool?

  2. Die-hard enough, tapi macam takda kawan aku yang lain je nak pegi xD


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