Tummy Rumblin'

March 03, 2011

Because showing you what I had for dinner is mad important.


One of the reasons why I hate being in Melaka (or anywhere apart from home for that matter) is the food issue. I find it hard for me to swallow anything that wasn't cooked by my mom or someone I'm familiar with. I don't know, foods that I bought here usually tasted like shit (This is purely an expression. I do not eat shit. I repeat, I do not-- and never tasted any shit in my life) or just plain awful. Just a few days back I bought noodle that turned out to be stale and inedible. Yuck. Gimme my RM 3 back, uncle!

So in order to avoid upsetting my stomach, I usually eat things like oats, breads, crackers and instant noodle. Now, I know they're not the healthiest of food choices but they're the only things that I wouldn't mind consuming on regular basis. I've been eating a lot of processed carbohydrates lately I think my body is slowly destroying itself. Scary. 

Anyways, what I really should be doing right now is to stop eating altogether. For shit's sake you're fat, Kiwa.

I have this on my wall. Doesn't seem to be helping at all.

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