Panic, Panic!

February 26, 2011

... I need some humour in my life right now. I'm so stressed out I feel like pulling my hairs off my head (wait, I'm already doing that).

Hope tonight's game will cheer me up a bit.


  1. Menang 0-3 XD
    Gamba ni buat sendiri eh?

  2. Messi scores with his head woot woot! :D

    Eh tak la curi dari tumblr. I LOLed at Ronaldo's face muahahaha xD

  3. Haha Messi can score using any part of his body :P

    Biasa la Ronaldo; selalu kena buli >:P Haha tapi sape 2 orang sebelah kiri Bojan tu? o_O

  4. Haha tapi lagi awesome sebab Messi pendek. Scoring with a header is very rare for him :P

    Er, tu Canales & Sergio Roberto kalau tak silap :O

  5. Haha if I'm not mistaken, Messi ade health problem kan before dia join Barcelona? :O (if you're a big fan of his, you should know about this :P)

    Er, Canales and Sergio? Haha tak kenal and who's above Messi, below Xavi? O_o

  6. Ha'ah, he had growth hormone deficiency. But I like his shortness :D

    Er yang tu tak tau xD Canales tu Real Madrid, Sergio is from Barca B. Both are young players. Yumm yumm *pedo mode: ON*


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