That Game

November 30, 2010

Brilliant. Just brilliant. In fact, the match was so awesome I watched the repeat later today. And I won't mind watching it all over again if I can. :P

Well, it'd be perfect without all the dramas though. There were a lot of pushing and shoving, fouls committed and cards flashed. Really killed the beauty of the game. But that is football, Kiwa.

And Messi also get booked for diving. ROFLOL if there is a player who is totally incapable of diving, it'd Messi. But he did amazing even though he didn't score. Assists, winning back the ball, bloody brilliant midget that man is. I love him even more nao!

Some of the uglies:

The greasy culprit.
Really, Christiana Ronalda? Pushing a coach is not cool.
Dear S. Ramos, shoving fellow NT mate(s) are not cool either.
And you even tackled Messi earlier. Shame on you.


This made me crack xD
... and this is just perfect, ROFLOL

Visca el Barca!
And Oh, Happy 111th Birthday!

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