Owl, But Not Quite

November 27, 2010

Warning: Sorry if the over saturated pictures below blind your eyes. I edited them using a Photoshop Action because I'm lazy like that.
Decided to make another of this as a birthday gift for a friend of mine. Hope she'll like it.

Oh and I managed to make it on my own! In half a day even! 100% measured, cut and sown by me, without the help from Jiah. I know, I shit bricks when I've finished too. :P

It is sloppy and fugly, but hey, I really hate sewing and doing things that require attention to details and patience, are delicate and intricate are so not my forte. And plus, it's the thought that matters, yeah? If she hates it, she can always throw them away. OK kidding I hope she won't do that. :D

Now I'm off to bed.

p/s:If you can't tell what hideous creature that was; read the post title again.

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