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October 24, 2010

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Lazy day.
Alas, I'm at home. I slept like a dead person, I ate great foods and I got to watch the final minutes of Barcelona vs Zaragoza match on a bigger screen that is my TV. And to add more icing on the cake, it has been raining since the evening and I'm loving it. It's a nice change of weather instead of the scorching heat of my dearest London Lendu.

I should be revising for my finals right now, but I'm very tired mentally. OK, I'm just lazy,muehehe. I'll go through my BEL textbook tomorrow because I have a far more interesting thing to do right now that is:

O hai hard disks, y'all don't look too good.

I need to clean up my hard disks. If you know me well enough, you'll know that I have some sort of OCD when it comes to organizing the files on my lappy. Well technically the one I'm using right now is not my lappy, I'm still waiting for the day I'll own my very own lappy and name it Messi (WTF it rhymes!). Kidding, I'm not that creepy *shifty eyes*

As I was saying, I like to organize my files as neatly as possible. For instance, I sort my music files liddis:

Renamed all the folders liddis: Band Name - Album Title. And all folders must have their respective album arts because I want to.

Renamed all the music files liddis: No.Band Name - Song Title.mp3. I also add album art and respective lyrics to all of the songs.
I did all of this because:

I want the band name, song title, album title, album art and lyrics to show properly on my music players and my iPhone.
Yes, I refer to lyrics all the time because I like singing along to the songs that I love :)

I am very particular, I can spend hours just renaming all my files the way I like it.

OK so what did you learn today? Absolutely nothing! (Hey I kinda miss AskSwifty right now xD)

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