I Feel Old

October 23, 2010

/forgot where did I get this, but it is a handmade doll by a certain someone. Very talented I want one! :D

My body is aching all over and I can barely open my eyes. But I'll brace myself just so that I can live stream the match between Barcelona and Zaragoza later. Call me an idiot but I will never give up the opportunity to watch Messi in action. Never. I repeat for the third time now, NEVER.


Anyhow, now I know how does it feel like to be a construction worker. But building a 4-feet-tall typography sand castle can never be compared to building a skyscraper. Nope, totally not in the same level of craziness. They have my respects now. No, they are my heroes now. In fact, maybe when I'm nice enough, I'll give them lemonades and cookies for all of their hardworks.

Dear construction workers;
Thank you for building our homes.
Thank you for building our schools.
Thank you for building the shopping malls.
Thank you for building the playgrounds.
Thank you for building the highways.

OK this will be a never ending list, so thank you for everything.

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