October 30, 2010

/from tumblr again

Woke up feeling hungry again, so I ate tonnes of cereal and oat crackers to fill Tina, my talking tummy. Sheesh. Kiwa, didn't you notice that you've gain so much weight recently?

... and yet I'm still craving for some meatballs from IKEA. Shame on me. But then again, it's IKEA's meatballs in the spotlight here. Who gives a crap about the amount of calories?

/from here
You can stop salivating now. :)

Oh, and I can't wait for tonight's game between Barca and Sevilla! I hope my broadband won't shit on me and starts behaving like a good boy for once. Live streaming is such a pain.

/from tumblr

The picture above would be funnier if the game is between Barcelona and Real Madrid, but I just can't resist. Messi is just too cute and Ronaldo is just... gay.

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