September 21, 2010

/via tumblr, where else?

I'm supposed to be doing my typography assignment right now, but no, I'm so not in the mood. Heck, the assignment was supposed to be done during the Eid break, but being a typical Malaysian (or a Malay, for that matter), I spent those days lazing around and eat instead. And speaking of eating, my body ballooned to the size of an adult elephant due to excess eating. Sigh, I really can't say no to rendang, ketupat, and truckloads of fancy kuih raya. Come on, tell me who can?

Dear raya fat, I beg you, please go the fuck away.


Eh, where was I?

Ah, yes typography. Another subject that I detest the most. Well, truth be told, I hate all the subject for this current semester. I don't know, maybe I've lost all the passion that I once had for art. I sketch less nowadays and I experience art block almost each time an assignment was given. Urgh I hate being this way. I missed those days when art was everything to me. How I can stare at computer screen for hours reading tutorials and admiring other people artworks without ever being bored by it. How I used to draw or doodle on any paper that was lying around me. I missed that.

Those days.

p/s: I don't know why I can't change the font to Arial. I hate serif. Yes, I can manually code it to do so, but as I said before, I'm a lazy ass.

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