August 03, 2010

I received an email from Mai-chan:

Hello Shakira.
How are you?In Japan,everyday have been kept 32℃,so Japanese have been felt discomfortable.
Of course I feel hot and malaise.

Is your college now summervacation?Many students in holiday,but my university isn't.We must study hard and hard because of examination.。・゜(´Д`)゜・。

Few days ago my father and I got one age.Now I'm over 20! it's unbelievable(^^;)My father said you thank you!
Probably I think you are 20,aren't you?
(Have you had a boyfriend still?)

Well,I am now riding a train to go to school with my friends.They seems tired.
I wish you spend wonderful days!

Please tell your family and friends to say caring myself.

Bahahah this is the first time Mai asked me about a boyfriend. I find it rather funny. Oh, and she sent this picture too:

How come Japanese girls all so damn cute one?


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