April 28, 2010

Mood: Neutral
Listening To: Prom Queen Has No Friends - Broadway

Happened to pass by the living room when this was playing on the TV:

It was refreshing to see something new on Astro Ceria, rather than the usually annoying-with-loud-music-and-annoying-kids-and-freaky-giggles advert.
So, kudos.

FYI; my sister was watching the TV. Not me C:

On other note, my mother came back home late today and without even catching a breath (I know she was dead tired) she asked me to go outside, to see this:

Thank you Momo for forcing me to stop eating and go outside.
If it hasn't been because of you I might've missed this, and I know I will forever regret it.

It was probably one of the prettiest sight I've ever seen.
The full moon, the bright light, everything.
I especially like it when the moon was fully covered by the clouds.
It looks like a slow-shutter picture (you know, the drawing-with-light-something-something).
The power of The Almighty :)

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