FC Barcelona Asia Tour 2013: Training Day @ Bukit Jalil

September 14, 2013

After a really, really long delay, I am finally able to post this. Editing a batch of photos of my favourite midgets took longer than I expected, whats with the need to pause and squeal everytime I got a glimpse of Messi among these badly taken photos. Fangirling is tough. Then again it's probably just me.

Anyways on 9th August, which was the second day of Eid, me along with my sister and cousin went to see the Blaugrana boys train. There weren't many people, CIMB was even distributing free passes. We got into the stadium just as the Malaysian team finishes their training and had to wait a bit for Barca boys to start their session.

I don't really have much to say because all they did was, yes, train. Which involves them running around and unluckily I was at the wrong side of the stadium so it was hard for me to see them clearly. I did borrow a zoom lens from Naziera but the distance between the stands and the field was just plain impossible. Malaysia really needs a proper football stadium that does not have a running track encircling the football turf. As if that'd ever happen. Anyways, everyone there was pretty excited though, the crowd keeps on cheering and some even chanted olele, olala, ser del barca es el millor que hi ha which was pretty nice. 

This is probably the post with most pictures I ever posted but hey, I can't help it. Despite the shots are meh-ish, they are still so precious to me. I'm gonna be nice and spare you non-footie fans the need to scroll through images you have no interest of. Click 'read more' if you are interested. Enjoy, I guess.

Victor Valdes, already barking orders.
Messi being adorable because screw my heart.
Hey Pique, can I be your Shakira? Ok lame joke *shoots self*
Eye candy Sergi, wish I could take you home lulz
A close-up, just because.
Ass-appreciation picture. No I don't really care that much, just posting this here for good measures wtf.
I am still more interested in Messi anyhow
Goalies. The ones that save us from heart attacks due to the poor defending our team has.
The fragile.
Red octopus that delighted us at the stands.
Monster Masche.
To conclude the day, I realized that the Barca boys are actually really short lmao. Pretty bummed there was little to no interaction between the players and the fans though. Maybe due to safety reason or whatever but yea. I was still quite happy and excited for the match on the next day but more on that later. 

p/s: All pictures were taken by me and my sister. I don't think you will but yeah do not steal.

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